Training Working Gundogs

At Flintwood Gundog Kennels we train all gundog breeds of all ages, with our knowledge, extensive facilities, and equipment can offer the most discerning client training from gundog puppy starter up to field trial standard. We also cater for all breeds of dogs for general obedience or general behavioral problems.

We hold a particular philosophy with puppy training, unlike more conventional training establishments we advocate that gundog puppies should have their training started as soon as the puppy is brought home from the breeders at around 8 weeks of age. We prefer to call it channelling rather than training, the aim being to put absolutely no pressure on the puppy, with this goal in mind all the initial training is based on play, by channelling the pups behaviour gradually towards the conventional adolescent training the pup is far advanced in the foundation of good gundog behaviour.



The developmental training of adolescent and older gundogs very much depends on the experience of the aspirent trainer and on the type of work that will be expected of the finished gundog, we always aim to train our clients to train their dogs, At Flintwood Gundogs you will learn more about yourself than you may really want to know, but it is all part of our ethos of training the trainer.